It required much effort, enormous resources and a lot of hard work to finalize Charlie Tango Whiskey project. Given the fact, strategic partners were acquired to create and successfuly finish this project.
Initiative was brought forward by Coyote ASG. Our input was mainly the idea, organization and arrangement of the whole undertaking. While creating the scenario, we have used both our knowledge and experience as well as our friends', professionalists. Coyote ASG provided part of the equipment used. A lot of gratitude goes to Flyye Industries, who managed to provide its tactical equipment for our actors.
Our main partner was Celcius Technology, our friends from Hong Kong. They have given us their blessing and support throughout the whole project, since the idea was born. Celcius Technology is present on market for many years. Its begining is bound to military industry, airsoft and pneumatic rifles repair and modifications. In 2004, Celcius Technology began to upgrade its back-office to achieve readiness to provide worldwide scale services in 2007. Celcius produces high quality spare parts and is renowned training weapon manufacturer.
It would be very hard to complete Charlie Tango Whiskey without the help of Polish Military Property Agency. Military Property Agency is Polish military institution, supervised by the Ministry of Defence. It was created in 1996. Its primary task is to administer real estates and movable property for MoD and Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration. Agency is also responsible for supplying Polish Armed Forces and realization of other strategic tasks.
Filming and editing were provided by our colleagues from Flave Films and our greatest appreciation goes to them - for many weeks of hard work and final effect that we are so happy about. Movie was Directed by Mateusz Koscijanski, Director of Photography was Bastien Loiseau-Majewski.
Last but not least are our friends and colleagues. Many of them gave up their free time to help, advise and support us. Many of them were actors, others were present during production or provided us without all the neccessary equipment.
Thank you all - very much!